EcoSmoke brand cigarette tobacco rolling papers are the
next evolution in papers and they aren't even paper!

Transparent cellulose cigarette papers are sweeping the country in record quantities, and EcoSmoke is one of the best quality, most affordable brands available. EcoSmoke papers are so unique that all you have to do is show them to your customers, and they'll buy them.

In fact, we are so certain that you and your customers will love EcoSmoke papers that we are offering retailers a 100% buyback guarantee!

So what makes EcoSmoke cellulose papers different than old fashioned papers? They are made of 95% transparent, vegetal based cellulose film which you can actually see the smoke travel through. Cellulose is slower burning than paper, biodegradable, has no taste or smell to adulterate the flavor, no gum because it sticks to itself when licked, and does not absorb saliva so they wont become soggy. Best of all, they are made without the bleach, metals, and dyes that are commonly used to make old fashioned cigarette tobacco papers.

EcoSmoke papers are available in two sizes, 79mm / 1.25" and 110mm / King Size. The 79mm packs contain 50 sheets and the 110mm packs contain 40 sheets. Both sizes come with 20 packs per box and 40 boxes per carton.


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